Billiani was born in 1911 out of the crossing of a border, the one between the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Kingdom of Italy. A border crossing that was to become so very infl uential, a key to design, straddling tradition and experimentation; for production, whether on a small or industrial scale; for the products themselves, the applications of which overlap in contract and residential settings. Borders that, today just as then, are not limits, but opportunities.


The Excellence of Made in Italy

produces 100% within the chair triangle, an area of small specialized workshops, each with a deep-rooted wood working culture. A hub of excellence made up of companies with a centuries-old history of craftsman ship, each specializing in a particular phase of the work. Billiani’s activity continuously intertwines with the local production sector: a guarantee of quality but also an investment in the overall supply chain, because each innovation enriches the know-how of the whole district.


Hallmark of Billiani Products

Good design and woodworking ability have always been the hallmark of Billiani products, but it is only since 1997 that we have started to talk about design in concrete terms. The debut was at the 2002 Milan Furniture Fair, with a provocative stand on which flew the flag of design: Marco Ferreri designed it, also the author of a chair that was short-listed for the Compasso d’Oro. While the link with tradition was ensured by the projects of master Werther Toffoloni, the partnership with Emilio Nanni opened up a new era: colourful, trendy, carefree.