Slick, Sophisticated and Adaptible

At first glance. Cierre's signature sofas and beds appear divinely simple. However. these artisanal pieces are the loving marriage of leather of exceptional quality and expert craftsmanship. Come sit and lay with us. Feel the passion.

Technically Sublime

lnspiration may give birth to iconic design,but it is the nuts and bolts of fine engineering and craftsmanship that achieves durable,mechanical perfection of all moving parts in our sofas and beds. Our attention to detail will ensure you years of enjoyment of each piece you bring home.

Superior Materials and Details

We don't often mention it, as it's usually standard operating procedure at our workshops, but we only use top grade hides for our leather products. You only need to run your fingers along our sleek lines to feel the difference. Our craftsmen also excel in the intelligent detailing that will please connoisseurs of fine furniture.