lntelligently llluminated

From the decorative and to the purely functional, Penta creates thoughtfully stunning lights in a variety of expensive materials.Adding a touch of elegance to any room in the house, the brand creates their pieces. with blown glass, metal and marble, Illuminate you1r lives beautifully with our lamps.

Lighting Interiors Dramatically

From minimalist to opulent or witty. Penta has a lighting option for a variety of design moods and expressions.You have a choice of lamps and fixtures that function discreetly. blending in with your design style. or stand proudly as centre pieces or conversation pieces.

Outstanding In the Outdoors

Outdoor lighting need no longer be drab or boringly functional. With Penta's beautifully designed outdoor lighting options. your gardens and outdoor patios will always be stunningly lit.

Mastering the Light Touch

An array of lighting options wait you with Penta. From standing lamps and table pendants and wall lamps, wherever your home needs a touch of light, Penta's sophisticated and tasteful pieces will definitely make an Impact with their clever details and beautiful forms.