The acclaimed Secto Design lamps were born of a genuine need, the innovative use of wood material and skilled craftsmanship.

Roots firmly in Finland

In an era where even the oldest Finnish companies move their production to low-cost countries, Secto Design has decided to stay and expand its production in Finland. The profits would undoubtedly be higher somewhere else, but for Secto Design, manufacturing lamps in the small town of Heinola is a matter of values. With export to over 70 countries Secto Design is an inspiring example of an international business having its roots firmly in a small far-away country.

Innovative with Artisanal Touch

Back in the days the new Secto 4200 pendant was a real innovation and unique. It took a considerable amount of time and efforts to find a cabinetmaker capable to produce Secto lamps in large quantities yet maintaining the artisanal touch. The new wooden lamp and its delicate light attracted people. Wood as a lamp material was welcomed to the lighting market with both surprise and astonishment. Today the lighting collection comprises 26 different models and keeps up its steady growth.

Designer Seppo Koho

”I truly enjoy turning sketches into wooden prototypes with my own hands. Finding a concrete solution to implementing a detail after persistent experimenting is a fascinating moment!” says the award-winning architect Seppo Koho, the designer of the Secto Design lamps.